Here at UAVs WORLD we offer two levels of drone training:

Hobbyist drone pilot:

For hobbyists we can offer in house pre – flight training, in our large indoor flight area, to help you obtain the best results from your drone and equipment. This is a cost effective way of quickly and safely setting up your drone for the first time, getting airborne, and in the process we will show you the correct usage of your equipment potentially saving you costly flying mistakes, whilst also giving hints and tips to maximise your flight pleasure.

This is the most popular method of training for using your drone.

The prices for our pre-flight training, here in Nelson, Lancashire, start at just £30* per hour. This can be booked by contacting by email or telephone.
Cancellation fees do not apply to these training programmes.

* 1st hour £30, if 2 hours or more booked then £25 per hour.

Professional drone pilot:

If your drone is used in relation to your work in the UK then you will need Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved training in order to obtain your Permission for Aerial Work PfCO certificate from the CAA.

Without a valid PfCO certificate from the CAA it is illegal to use a drone ( unmanned aerial vehicle ) fitted with a camera or similar device for any paid commercial work.

Anyone who wants to fly a drone for commercial work needs a Permission from the Civil Aviation Authority and will need to be at least 18 years of age.

To get the Permission you will have to complete three modules set out by the CAA. They are:

  • Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of aviation theory
  • Pass a practical flight assessment
  • Develop basic procedures for conducting the type of flights you want to do, and set these out in an operations manual.

Once you meet the above requirements you can make an application for your Permission to fly.

The full professional course fee is £950* per person (excluding VAT) and includes:

  • Two day theory training and examination Candidate materials
  • Sandwich lunch on the theory days and tea/coffee etc.
  • Operational Assessment (at a later date)
  • Public liability insurance for the Operational Assessment (normally costs extra with other companies)
  • Assistance with your operations manual
  • Assistance with application to the CAA including a recommendation
  • Ongoing support for the first few months to ensure everything is going smoothly.
  • One year update service: a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with changes that might affect your permissions or operation. This will include things like CAA or EASA changes, insurance issues and other finer details.

*Please note, the CAA registration fee is not included and is £173 on initial application and £130 on renewal (annually).

You will also need insurance that meets the requirements specified in EC Regulation 785/2004 before you gain Permission.

Contact us for more details on; Insurance policies, Permission renewals, course dates, costs, duration and locations. For professional training various locations are available throughout the UK for ease of travel.

Please note; Cancellation fees will apply to a cancelled booking for some of these training programmes, so please contact us for more details.

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