Yuneec Typhoon H Pro RS with CGO-ET and Backpack



Key Features:

  • Intel® Realsense™ – Detects and intelligently navigates around obstacles
  • Indoor Positioning System – IPS enables stabilised flight without GPS
  • Motor Redundancy – Land Safely with only 5 Rotors
  • CGO-ET Thermal Imaging Camera
  • CGO3+ Camera – 360° Unlimited Yaw – 4K Video at 30FPS/1080P up to 120FPS
  • ST16 Pro Ground Station – In-Built 7” HD Touchscreen for FPV
  • Team-Mode Ready – Dual Control Capability


Tech Specs

Flight Time
Control Range
1 mile / 1.6km
30 mph
Video Res
Ready to Fly
Obstacle Sensing


The Typhoon H Pro with Realsense™ Includes:

ST16 Pro Ground Station, CGO-ET Thermal Imaging Camera, CGO3+ Gimbal Camera, Intel® Realsense™, Wizard Controller, 3x Batteries, Charge Adapters and Backpack

The Typhoon H Professional with Realsense™  and CGO-ET includes all the features of the Typhoon H, and also includes the Intel® Realsense™, an IPS module, the Typhoon Wizard, 3 batteries, charge adapters and a backpack. Realsense™ detects obstacles and intelligently navigates around them, integrating with Follow Me mode to avoid objects while filming in any direction. The RealSense™ R200 camera with Intel® Atom™ powered module builds a 3D model of the world, allowing you to focus on the subject without worrying about flying into obstacles.

The IPS provides stabilisation when flying without a GPS signal, and the backpack allows you to transport your H safely wherever you need to go. The Typhoon H Pro Realsense™ is our most complete package, and includes everything you need to fully realise your creativity.

Typhoon H Specifications:

  • Flight Time: 22 Minutes (Hover)
  • Dimensions: 520x456x296mm (20.5×17.9×11.6 in)
  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 480mm (18.9in)
  • Frame Arm Length: 187mm (7.4in)
  • Landing Gear Size: 265mmx185mm (10.4×7.3in)
  • Motor Stator Size: Ø22*13mm (0.5in)
  • Motor KV: 850kv
  • Max Power: 200W
  • Working Current: ≤15A
  • Working Voltage: 12-25V
  • Signal Frequency: 50-400Hz
  • Drive PWM Frequency: 16K
  • Takeoff Weight: 1965g (69.3oz)
  • Battery: 5400mAh 4S/14.8V LiPo (79.9Wh) Battery (1 included)
  • Charger: SC4000-4 4S 14.8V Li-Po DC Smart Charger with AC Adapter (Included)
  • Transmitter: ST16 16-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (Included)
  • Radio Control Frequency Band: 2.4GHz CE Compliant (100mw)
  • Maximum Flying Height: 123m (400ft)(Restricted by CAA)
  • Maximum Rotation Rate: 90°/s
  • Maximum Roll Angle: 45°
  • Maximum Climbing Speed: 11.2mph (5m/s)
  • Maximum Descending Speed:  6.7mph (3m/s)
  • Maximum Speed in Angle Mode (GPS): 30mph (13.5m/s)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5°C to 80°C

CGO3 Gimbal Camera (Included)

  • Video Resolution: UHD 4K 30 FPS, Full HD 1080p 24/25/30/48/50/60/120 FPS
  • Effective Pixels: 12.4 Megapixels
  • Video FOV: 115°
  • Camera Lens: 14mm (0.6in) / F2.8 35mm (1.4in) – no distortion
  • Sensor: 1/2.3” CMOS
  • Electronic Shutter: 4s ~ 1/8000s
  • Control Angle Accuracy: ±0.02°
  • Control Angle Range: Pitch: between -90° to 0° / Yaw: 360° limitless
  • Mechanical Range: Pitch: between -120° to 45° / Roll: between -40° to 40° / Yaw: 360° limitless
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Transmission System: 5.2GHz to 5.8GHz
  • Video Transmission range: Up to 600m
  • Dimensions:115mm (4.5 in) x 74mm (2.9 in) x 135mm (5.3in)
  • Weight: 250g (8.8 oz)
  • Input Voltage Range: 7.0V – 14.0V
  • Power Consumption: 16W
  • Storage (Memory): microSD Class 10 (4 to 128GB)
  • Working Temperature:-10°C to +40°C

ST16 Ground Station (Included)

  • Operating System: Android™
  • Tablet Functionality: Yes
  • Screen: 7″ HD LCD Touchscreen
  • Video Link Resolution: HD 720p
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Control Transmission Distance/Range** (Optimum Conditions): Up to 1 Mile (1.6km) CE Compliant (25mw)**
  • Radio Control Modulation: Yuneec Protocol
  • Video link Frequency Band: 5.8GHz CE Compliant (25mw)
  • Flight Systems Telemetry Data On Screen Display (OSD): Yes
  • LED Backlit LCD Screen: Capacitive Multi-Touch 7” HD Screen
  • Transmitter Port: HDMI for Additional Monitor
  • Transmitter Warning Feedback: Audible and Tactile (Vibrating)
  • In-Built LiPo Battery Voltage / Capacity: 3.6V/8700mAh 31.32Wh Li-ion
  • Single or Dual/Team Operation: Yes
  • Additional Features: USB, Micro Card Slot, Earphone socket

CGO-ET Thermal Camera Details & Specifications:

  • Field of Vision:Diagonal: 71°
  • Field of Vision:Horizontal: 56°
  • Sensitivity:< 50 mK
  • Infrared Cam:Uncooled VOx micro bolometer
  • Pixel size:12 μm
  • LWIR Wavelength:8-14 μm
  • Image rate:9 Hz
  • Photo format:JPEG, TIFF (14bit raw)
  • Video format:MP4
  • Video resolution:160 x 120 p
  • Temperature balance:Automatic
  • Temperature measurement range:-10° to 180°

CGO-ET Visual Light Specifications:

  • Sensor:1/3” 2M
  • Field of vision:Diagonal: 90°
  • ISO range:100-12800
  • Shutter Speed:1/30 – 1/8000 s
  • Video resolution:1920 x 1080p 30 fps
  • Photo format:JPEG
  • Video format:MP4


IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times



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